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Dried Persimmon

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Dried Persimmon


Newly harvested persimmons are peeled and dried cut into three to four pieces each. No additives are required in the drying process which gives the persimmon a jelly-li ke texture that has all the flavors of a fully ripe persimmon. The outer skin is delightfully chewy while the inside is soft, rich in vitamins, minera ls and inorganic compounds.

  • Our dired persimmon is high sugar content and easy to eat because of there are no seeds
  • Containing no additives.
  • And we can do small packaging 150g, 500g . So can be eaten without burden.
  • Contains vitamins A,B1,B2 and others


  • Product name : Dried Persimmon
  • Origin : ROK, South Korea
  • Product Type : Fruits/Dried Persimmon
  • Ingredients : Persimmon 100%
  • Size(EA) : 130*200*20(mm)
  • Expiration Date : 12 months
  • Keeping method : Freezer
  • Ea/1Box : 150g,500g / jipaepeak, 1kg / Courage

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Dried Persimmon